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ABA Term Category: A - F

Extinction Burst

This almost always occurs during an extinction process; the behavior will “get worse, before it gets better”. The behavior will temporarily increase in intensity and/or

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The process of withholding reinforcement from a previously reinforced behavior to decrease the probability of the behavior occurring in the future. It is essential to

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Consistent repetition of vocalizations made by another individual. This may be immediate or delayed. Echolalia may not be productive or meaningful in learning verbal behavior

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Repeating a modeled heard utterance, sound or word. This is an essential skill in learning verbal operant behavior.

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Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) 

One teaching strategy used in ABA to acquire new skills. Discrete trial is teacher directed, massed trial instruction. Highly preferred reinforcers are used to increase

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Requirements for this certification include completing a prescribed number of University Master’s level coursework, completing 1500 hours of clinical work under

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A-B-C Data

A description of a behavior in terms of the Antecedent (A) to the behavior, the Behavior (B), and the Consequence (C) of the behavior. The

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