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ABA Term Category: L - P


An added antecedent stimulus that brings about a specific behavior. Prompts can be thought of as “hints”. For example, a learner may not greet a

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A procedure used to “test” a skill, or part of a skill, to assess if a specific step is already in the learner’s repertoire. Probes

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The acronym for Picture Exchange Communication System developed by Lori Frost and Andy Bondy. This is a simple, popular form of augmentative communication.

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In ABA, pairing is the act of an instructor bonding with a learner to become a reinforcer for that learner. This can take anywhere from

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Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

This is basically the opposite of discrete trial teaching. The learner’s current activities and interests determine the teaching strategies. It differs from Incidental Teaching in

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A verbal behavior term that means “request”. One of the first verbal skills that is taught. If a learner can request an item, person, and/or

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