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ABA Term Category: Q - U

Task Analysis

 A step-by-step list of actions necessary to complete a specific behavior. The behavior is broken down into its component parts and then the learner is

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Stereotypic Behavior

Repetitive Movements Of Objects Or Motor Mannerisms Which May Include Rocking, Hand Flapping, Clapping Or Laughing Out Of Context. This Is Sometimes Referred To As

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Spontaneous Recovery

A phenomenon that may occur after a successful extinction procedure whereby the behavior reappears again in situations that are similar to those in which the

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A process used to teach a new behavior by reinforcing successive approximations to the target behavior. For example, if a learner won’t use a spoon,

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Any consequence that increases the probability of a specific behavior occurring again in the future. Positive reinforcement is something added, such as a paycheck, to

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